SINGAPORE, July 12, 2023/ — Next Level Genomics Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based provider of advanced genomics solutions to researchers and clinician scientists, has installed the first PacBio Revio next-generation sequencing instrument in Singapore. The Revio is the new high-throughput sequencing system from Pacific Biosciences (PacBio), the pioneers of long-read sequencing technology from the United States. The Revio combines more data output, faster processing and reduced costs to allow for high-throughput, affordable long-read genomics analysis based on their highly accurate HiFi consensus read technology, allowing for exploration of regions of the genome often missed or inaccurately sequenced using other technologies.

The presence of the Revio system in Next Level Genomics’ Singapore-based lab will provide local researchers with faster access to the latest technologies behind whole human genome sequencing for research and clinical analysis, such as cancer, cardiology and rare disease analysis of complete isoform transcriptome sequencing and high-throughput microbial and microbiome sequencing capabilities. Combined with their existing PacBio Sequel IIe sequencer, Next Level Genomics offers rapid and broad access to PacBio’s long-read HiFi sequencing to scientists looking to utilize the technology dubbed the “Method of the Year” in 2022 by the leading scientific journal Nature Methods.

“We are excited and proud to have the first Revio system in Singapore and are looking forward to being able to offer this state-of-the-art technology to the scientific community in Singapore and the region,” remarked Dr David Klinzing, Chief Technology Officer of Next Level Genomics.

Jason Kang, Vice President & General Manager, Asia Pacific at PacBio said “With the acquisition of the Sequel and Revio systems, the dedicated PacBio service offered by Next Level Genomics will empower scientists to strive for new discoveries through highly accurate HiFi reads. PacBio’s HiFi sequencing is quickly becoming a new gold standard in genomics research.”

Next Level Genomics Pte Ltd has a lab located at the Life Science Incubator at The German Centre in Singapore and provides sequencing services to clinician researchers, academic institutions and industry partners in Singapore and throughout Southeast Asia. Learn more about Next Level Genomics Pte Ltd by visiting

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