Next Level Genomics Adds Oxford Nanopore’s PromethION-24 Long-Read Sequencing Services in Singapore

April 17, 2024

Next Level Genomics, a Singapore long-read sequencing services provider, has added Oxford Nanopore Technologies to their PacBio and Nanostring genomics services

SINGAPORE, April 17, 2024 / — Next Level Genomics Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based provider of advanced genomics services to researchers and clinician scientists, proudly announces the installation of the Oxford Nanopore Technologies’ PromethION-24 (P24) sequencer in its local NGS laboratory in Biopolis.

The PromethION-24 from ONT provides unparalleled flexibility in performing long-read sequencing across a wide range of sample types. By allowing up to 24 independent, simultaneous flow cell sequencing, Next Level Genomics is capable of generating data from whole human genomes, complete with epigenetic modification information, down to small genomes from viruses and microbes with rapid turn-around times for local researchers. Nanopore technology includes such unique capabilities as direct RNA sequencing and adaptive sampling for targeted sequencing of key areas of the genome without additional reagents and tools. Coupled with high performance computing power, Next Level Genomics is capable of analyzing genome data from multiple long-read sequencing technologies for researchers.

“We are excited to add Oxford Nanopore sequencing to our laboratory and service capabilities. This will allow Next Level Genomics to become the premiere service provider in long-read NGS sequencing with both Oxford Nanopore and PacBio Revio systems for use by the local research community and give more scientists the tools they need to advance their science and make new discoveries,” quoted David Klinzing, PhD, CTO for Next Level Genomics.

Next Level Genomics’ CEO Gregor Kent added: “Our local customers have expressed a clear need for direct access to the most appropriate tool for their Long-read NGS needs; for ready access to the actual lab and scientists running their samples; and the importance of keeping precious samples in Singapore for data safety, faster turn-around times, and general flexibility of experiment design.”

With the addition of the PromethION-24 sequencer, Next Level Genomics is poised to deliver comprehensive long-read sequencing solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each research project. The addition of this platform solidifies Next Level Genomics’ commitment to advancing genomics research and empowering scientists with the latest technologies including Oxford Nanopore and PacBio for genome sequencing as well as Nanostring CosMx and GeoMx for spatial multiomics analysis.

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